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1. Use of this site

By using this Website, you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy. Please read and carefully review the agreement on the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy before using this Website.

This Website is owned by:
MSD in Central America and Caribbean, is a pharmaceutical company belonging to the Merck & Co., Inc. group, Kenilworth, NJ, USA.

This site is designed for residents of Central America and the Caribbean region and its contents have been configured to comply with the regulations and laws in force in this region.

This Website offers content, services and activities on MSD, its products, its therapeutic areas and any other content, services and activities (of an educational, informative and / or promotional nature) that may be of interest to its particular audiences: employees, clients and MSD shareholders, as well as members of the healthcare community and the general public.

Among the various services contained in the Website is the provision of information on MSD activities, products, information on health and the health field.

Through your registration on the Website, you will be able to receive relevant information on all content, services and activities electronically.

This Website does not offer specific medical advice or diagnosis for patients.

2. Content of the Terms and Conditions of Use

2.1 Acceptance

This legal notice regulates the use by Users of the Website.

MSD reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of Use when it deems it pertinent.

2.2 Conditions of use of the Website

Access to the Website is free. The User agrees not to use the Website for fraudulent purposes and not to carry out any conduct that could damage the image, interests and rights of MSD or third parties. Likewise, the User undertakes not to carry out any act in order to damage, disable or overload the Website, or to prevent, in any way, its normal use and operation.

The User is informed that in the event that they breach (or it is reasonably suspected that they may be breaching) the content of this Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy or any other particular terms or conditions contained on the Website, MSD will reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate your access to the Website, adopting any technical measure that is necessary for that purpose.

MSD reserves, at all times, the power to decide on the continuity of the Website or its contents.

2.3 Intellectual and Industrial Property

The intellectual and industrial property rights and the distinctive signs included in the Website (trademarks and trade names), as well as the different elements that comprise it (hereinafter, the “Contents”) are the property of MSD or its licensors.

The User is expressly prohibited from reproducing, transforming, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, extracting and / or reusing the Website, its Contents and / or the distinctive signs of MSD.

3. Information provided by the User

The User is responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the information they provide us.

In this sense, if the User participates in the sections of the Website that allow it – for example by including opinions or data such as questions, comments, suggestions or similar related to the content of this Website – this information will be public for all Users of the Portal and, consequently, it will be treated as non-confidential and MSD will have no obligation of any kind with respect to said information and is free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute said information to third parties without limitations.

If the User uploads images, videos, files or any other content that may be subject to Intellectual Property rights, the User assigns to Merck Sharp & Dohme (IA) LLC. The non-exclusive rights of exploitation, reproduction, distribution, and public communication of them throughout their validity period and for the entire world territory.

4. Links policy (“Links”)

MSD will not be responsible for the services and content provided through the Linked Sites.

The User who wants to introduce links from their own web pages to the Website must comply with the conditions detailed below:

1. The link will only link to the main page of the Website, but it will not be able to reproduce it in any way (online links, copy of the texts, graphics, etc.)

2. It will be prohibited in any case to establish frames or frames of any kind that surround the Website or allow the display of the Contents through Internet addresses other than those of the Website and, in any case, when they are viewed together with content outside the Website.

Any use that produces, or may produce, error, confusion or deception in users about the true origin of the service or content, or that affects the reputation and interests of MSD is prohibited.

5. Communication of illegal and inappropriate activities

In the event that the User becomes aware that any kind of information or content on the Portal or provided through it are illegal, harmful to the rights of third parties, contrary to what is established in these Conditions and Terms of Use or, of any otherwise, harmful or contrary to morals, uses and customs, you can contact MSD at MSD undertakes to give the communication the process it deems appropriate.

MSD reserves the right to suspend or withdraw content that, although not illegal, is contrary to the rules established in the Conditions and Terms of Use, weighing up the conflicting legal rights in each case.

6. Disclaimer of guarantees

MSD has taken reasonable steps to include accurate and up-to-date information on the Website, but does not guarantee or make representations of any kind about its accuracy, timeliness or completeness.

7. MSD’s liability

MSD will not be responsible for:

  1. Damages of any kind caused to the User’s computer equipment by viruses, worms, Trojans or any other harmful element.
  2. Damages of any kind caused to the User that cause failures or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that cause the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the Portal service during the provision of the same. In this regard, the User acknowledges that access to the Portal requires services provided by third parties outside the control of MSD (for example: telecommunications network operators, access providers, etc.) whose reliability, quality, continuity and operation It is not MSD’s responsibility, nor is it part of its responsibility to guarantee the availability of the service.
  3.  Of the information of third parties in the cases in which it acts as a provider of intermediation services in the sense given by the LSSI, except when there is effective knowledge and the corresponding information has not been withdrawn.

8. Pharmacovigilance

In the event of detection of any adverse event associated with the use of any Merck Sharp & Dohme de Cenca product, product quality problems, or its use in pregnancy or lactation, and that has not been previously communicated, you must notify it by mail. Email to Cenca’s DPOC address, within 72 hours, for processing by the MSD Pharmacovigilance area.