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For MSD Central America Services S. de R.L. (”MSD”), maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of those who make our mission possible is a matter of principle.

MSD Privacy Commitment

Please read more about MSD’s Privacy Commitment at

At MSD, we are committed to business practices that grow and preserve the trust of our stakeholders.

Consistent with our tradition of maintaining the highest ethical standards in our business, we have established a Global Privacy Program through which our customers can learn why MSD may collect information about you, how the information is collected, stored, processed (used) and shared, and how you can limit this.

The program also includes information about the security measures we use to protect your personal information and our relationship with partners like you.

Our interactions with Health Care Professionals (HCPs), as well as Health Care Organization Executives (HBPs) – those who correspond to individuals who are responsible for making business decisions about access, coverage and reimbursement on behalf of Health Care Organizations (HCOs), and who may or may not be both HCPs – other customers, patients and their caregivers, or others; are governed by applicable laws and regulations, as well as our own ethical standards.

Because people depend on us, we apply a set of principles consistent with how we respect and protect the information we have about you.

Authorization to Maintain and Share Data

I hereby give my free, express and informed consent and authorization, without any compensation to myself, to MSD:

  • Include in its databases my personal data, such as my name/s, surname/s, email address, cell phone number, identification (if applicable, document proving the representation of the holder of the personal data), specialty, signature, electronic signature, and medical registration number or equivalent document in the case of HCPs, (the “Data”) which will be treated in strict compliance with the applicable regulations in such matter and with full respect to MSD’s corporate policies on privacy.
  • Contact me by any means of communication, such as, for example, by email, phone calls or through any digital channel (including, but not limited to, SMS or WhatsApp), to provide me with market access content, invitation to events, information about products and/or services offered by MSD or any of its subsidiaries or related companies.
  • Share my Data with subsidiaries or related companies of MSD, which may involve the transfer of the same to countries that have a different legislation than the local one, recognizing that such transfer will occur based on my consent.
  • Perform the tasks and/or actions indicated above directly or through third parties.

You may contact MSD if you have any questions regarding this notice or the personal information that MSD collects, uses or shares about you, wish to express your refusal for the processing of your personal information, wish to exercise your rights of transparency, access, rectification, erasure, limitation, portability, cancellation or opposition in terms of the applicable regulations, you wish to revoke your consent to MSD’s processing of your personal information or if you would like to change your communications preferences (such as opting out of receiving e-mail or other communications) or opting out of a particular program, or if you would like to access or update personal information about you in MSD’s databases in accordance with your rights under applicable law.

For this purpose, communications should be addressed to the MSD Privacy Office, whose contact information is as follows:

MSD Central America Services S. de R.L
Costa del Este, Avenida Paseo del Mar, MMG Tower, piso 15, apartado 0819-06410, Panamá, República de Panamá.

When submitting an inquiry or complaint, the following information must be attached:

  • Name, address, e-mail, telephone or other means that allows us to contact you.
  • Identification (if applicable, document proving the representation of the owner of the personal data).
  • Precise description of the type of action you wish to be taken with respect to your Data.
  • Any documentation supporting the request.

For more information on the Privacy guidelines, please consult:

Privacy Policy: